Committee Members

Ken Collett


Ken started with the VFRS in April of 2005. From day one he was always looking to get involved in different fundraising events and community initiatives. He officially became a member the Benevolent Fund Committee in 2010 in order to play a more prominent role in the planning and organizing of different events. Ken plays on one of the 3 Vaughan Heat hockey teams whose more than 50 players work closely with the committee on various events including the 4 on 4 Hockey Tournament and the “Young Guns” vs. “Old Guys” game.

Jacob Dabit


Jacob joined Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service in April of 2003 at 26 years old. He has been involved with the Benevolent Committee since June of 2012. As the treasurer of this committee, he works closely with the committee chair, Ken Collett, to establish operating budgets and to streamline committee financials with the VPFFA Treasurer, Jason Salisny. This portly capricorn enjoys long walks on the beach and Jennifer Lopez movies.

Chris Koehler


Chris started with the VFRS in May of 2009 and has held his position on the Benevolent Committee since February of 2013. He has always been a proud supporter of the Benevolent Committee’s community and fundraising activities and decided he wanted play a bigger role in the organization of these initiatives. He is a firm believer in giving back to the community and hopes to spread the enthusiasm he has for these initiatives on to the rest of his colleagues at the VFRS with interactive, fun and exciting events.

Karen Barr


Karen has been a member of the Vaughan Fire and Rescue Service since March 2001, a member of the SCBA committee since 2002, and newest member of the Benevolent Committee. She is looking looking forward to working with the committee and the community to raise awareness and money for deserving organizations/charities.
Away from work she loves playing hockey, roller derby, riding motorcycles and being a great ‘auntie’ to her niece & nephews

Brendan Myles


Brendan has been a member of VFRS since July 2010, a member of the benevolent committee since February 2013, and a member of Vaughan Heat ‘A’ hockey team. Brendan works out of station 7-10 on B platoon.